Vision Correction San Diego

Vision Correction San Diego

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Cataracts in San Diego

Not all eye diseases pose a threat to you physically. With cataracts, you will “only” suffer compromised vision, but that’s enough reason to want it treated in the most effective and safe way possible. Here at the ophthalmology practice of Kelly S. Keefe, MD, you can take advantage of advanced and minimally invasive cataracts surgery, and in the process improve your vision markedly.

Our vision correction San Diego is the state-of-the-art. Only a tiny incision needs to be made. There are no stitches required because of this, and that means far less chance of any complications afterward. What causes cataracts in the first place, though? They are deposits of protein. They form on the surface of your natural eye lenses, growing in size and quantity over time. The most common symptoms are blurry and cloudy vision, though problems driving at night is also typical. What begins as a nuisance tends to become an obstacle. Eventually, you may find it difficult or even impossible to do so many of the things that you need and want to. But changing that situation is simple thanks to our vision correction San Diego. Since the cataracts cannot be removed from your lenses, the only way to stop them from hindering your vision is to remove the lenses entirely. As part of the same procedure, our eye surgeon also replaces them with prosthetic lenses. They are monofocal, restoring your distance vision to a high degree. For up close, you will need reading glasses. But the changes are are still remarkable, especially if you have found that your current eyewear is unequal to the task of correcting your vision to the point where you want it to be.

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