San Diego Glaucoma

San Diego Glaucoma

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If the pressure inside your eye gets too great, then you may suffer various consequences such as vision loss, optic nerve damage, and perhaps total blindness. For expert care in the early diagnosis and timely treatment of your San Diego glaucoma, turn to us at the ophthalmology practice of Kelly S. Keefe, MD.

Your eyes make their own fluid. It is circulated and then drained out to conclude the process that goes on every day. And so long as there is no imbalance present, there is no reason to be concerned. However, the disease of glaucoma is marked by more fluid being created than can be drained. The fluid then builds up and the pressure in your eye goes up with it. This is clearly not safe. Making circumstances even more alarming is that there are no symptoms in the early stages. That gives your San Diego glaucoma a significant opportunity to cause you harm. For that reason, it is highly recommended that you get a yearly checkup at our office. Screenings include photos of your optic nerve and a baseline test called tonometry, which measures the level of pressure inside your eyes. From that, our eye doctor is able to make a determination. The goal of treatment is to restore the balance of fluid production and drainage before you experience any irreversible effects of your San Diego glaucoma. One way to do so is with eye drops that are medicated and will reduce your the amount of fluid your eyes make. The problem is that this method does not work well for everyone, and it does require daily use for life. Dr. Keefe can provide you with excellent and more long term results using laser treatments.

Keep your eyes safe and your vision at its normal level. Schedule an appointment to come to our office by contacting us now.

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