Eye doctor in San Diego

Eye Doctor in San Diego

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Ophthalmologist in San Diego

If you’re looking for a quality eye care practice, you’ve found it. We have an exceptional ophthalmologist who offers quality eye exams as well as high quality eyewear for men, women and children. Since our expert eye doctor in San Diego, Kelly S. Keefe, MD, performs eye exams and provides eye care services and products for all ages, we can help your entire family.

You and your family will be well taken care of at our ophthalmologic practice. We’re fully equipped to provide you and your entire family with quality eye exams and corrective eyewear and accessories. We offer high quality comprehensive eye exams that allow our eye doctor in San Diego to evaluate the overall health of your eyes. These comprehensive eye exams enable our ophthalmologist to detect vision problems and eye diseases. It’s important that you get an annual comprehensive eye exam even if you aren’t having any symptoms unless otherwise directed by the eye doctor. These thorough eye exams allow for early diagnosis and treatment for various eye diseases as well as other systemic diseases. Early diagnosis allows for better treatment options and possible outcomes. Our eye doctor is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist offering a full spectrum of services in addition to comprehensive eye exams including: glaucoma care, diabetic eye care, oculoplastic, eye pathology and tumors, & refractive cataract surgery. We also have a terrific optical department. If it’s determined that you need eyeglasses, our frame and lens experts will assist you in getting the corrective eyewear that best suits you. We carry a very large selection of designer frames that come in different styles, patterns and colors. Our frame and lens specialists will ensure that you purchase a pair of eyeglasses that meets your vision requirements, matches your personality, style and personal taste and that is within your budget.

Call our office right now to schedule your appointment with our eye doctor in San Diego today. We look forward to assisting you and your family.

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